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Recent experience shows that demand for organic seeds is growing year on year. As more and more customers are growing organic vegetables and spices, this seed line is aimed at gardeners who care about their health, their surroundings and their vegetation. The range includes certified and organic seeds of flower, spice and vegetable varieties with excellent biological properties, sustainable and resistant to diseases and pests. “Organic Way seeds are only bought from certified organic farms, where the soil is fertilised with organic and natural mineral fertilisers, and where plant-based preparations made from plants with pesticidal properties are usually used to combat diseases and pests. In addition, the seeds are packed in packets that are produced in a certified plant that meets PEFC certification standards, so they are suitable for recycling.
The seed packet is informative. On the front, you can find information about where the plant is grown, where it is sown and harvested, when it flowers, and whether it is bee and butterfly friendly.